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Learning Tools

Educational Tools

ADLO believes in providing educational tools and resources to the community. These tools will provide important information and support to individuals seeking to learn more. All resources will provide individuals with lessons utilizing innovative, fun, and creative technologies. 

Educational resources will be a broad variety of tools like:

  • Reading skills
  • Computer skills 
  • High School Prep
  •  GED Prep
  • Math skills
  • Writing skills
  • Teaching resources
  • Special Learning Needs
  • College Prep


Here you will find an assortment of web resources including reading, workforce preparations, and other various skills.

Art & History

Here you can dive into art and history from around the world.

Math & Science

Tools and resources to help improve math and science skills and knowledge.


Learn a variety of different languages. Choose from different tools and websites.

“Creating a Free Environment for Help and Learning”


GCF Global Learn Free

Free online resource for adults on computer, math, reading, workforce preparations, and other various skills.


Students that need assistance across a variety of subject matter. Offers small lessons utilizing visual aids, videos, simulations, and interactive media.

Math & Science

Prodigy Math Game

Fun and educational math game for kids 1st - 8th grade. It is a great practice tool and it is rewarding and fun.

NASA Space For Kids

Inspire and enrich upper-elementary-aged kids' learning of space and Earth science online through fun games,


Learn to code in Javascript, Web Design, and more. Prepare yoursself with coding interview pre work and modules.

Art & History


Fun and engaging art tool.

Toy Theater

Original art activities to enjoy for kids 1st to 8th grade.

history for kids

Educational and fun games, videos, worksheets on many historical events for kids.

WristBand Express

Art Projects and Activities for Kids. Packed with interactive games and activities for crafty kids including drawing, painting, & printable worksheets [Recommended by Ty Stevens]


Teach a Monster to Read

A great game designed to make learning to read fun. Create and grow your monster, and have fun learning along the way.


A great learning tool for individuals seeking to learn, improve, or just have fun with a variety of languages.

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