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“Inclusiveness and Objectivity”

Gabian Louisville Assocation (GLA) name has changed to African Diaspora Louisville Organization (ADLO).

Good governance

Strategic planning

Needs assessment

Change is the climax for development

African Diaspora Louisville Organization (ADLO) is a Non-Profit Organization that was founded on December 23, 2018 by experienced professionals in Human Resources Management. The founding members of this noble initiative are Abdoulie Drammeh, Pa Malick Gaye, Ebrima Sallah, Kebba Kinteh, Sheikh Njie, and Momodou Jarju.


Areas of Focus

ADLO's primary focus is in these key areas.

Educational Resources

Educational tools and resources found around the internet for children, teens, and young adults.

Community Programs​

Offering programs that bring together and help strengthen the bonds in our community.

Food Drive Programs

Hosting events and food drives to help provide for those in need in the community.

Mentorship Programs

Providing mentors to children, teens, and young adults that are in need of guidance.

“Creating a Free Environment for Help and Learning”

Meet our team.

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Abdoulie Drammeh

Interim Secretary General

Pa Malick Gaye​

Interim President

Uplift the Community

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African Diaspora Louisville Organization  (ADLO) is a Non-Profit Organization. ADLO’s objective is to improve the social and economic conditions of the grassroots people by empowering each man, woman, and child with education, training, and mentorship. 

Results Drive Us

We celebrate our successes and go the extra mile to make them happen. We ask the right questions so we know what success looks like. We take personal accountability for getting there, but we know it takes a team-that’s what makes us part of something bigger than ourselves.

We value Creativity

Ideas fire us up. We share them freely, because great ones can come from any where. We keep our ears open and create an environment where everybody can be heard. We bounce things off one another and always challenge the status quo. And we have fun creating projects that will be of great help to humanity!


The organization’s main goals are: organizing back to school programs within our communities, the establishment of a Community Center which will serve as a library, playground for children, hosting programs and seminars, and any other motion that will serve the interest of the community.

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About us

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5603 DeaDea Drive Louisville, KY 40291